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ITHRIVE Services for Physicians



Improve your efficiency - improve your quality of care..

Our Solution for Physicians

Wellness Solutions

Reduce Unnecessary Referrals

The Bio Scan provides physiologic data such as hemodynamic key indicators for hypertensive treatment follow up (i.e. cardiac output, systemic vascular resistance, stiffness and reflexion index), as well as indicators of the sympathetic system activity, effects in tissue
microcirculation and acid-base balance and estimation of tissue damage.
Keeping the data within the clinical context of your patient can help you decide much more effciently which tests to include or rule out.

Improved Health = Improved R.O.I..

Health Coaching

Guided Support


General Overview of Our Services

Increase Your Revenue

By providing the patient, the diagnosis and an exam room, the physician is eligible to earn the professional component for the procedure codes billed. Contact us for more info on the revenue generation possibilities with our program.

Better Data

​Due to the additional and precise screening information the Bio Scan provides, it reduces the frequency of unnecessary referrals by physicians, and identifies those patients who genuinely need to be evaluated by a specialist (cardiologist, pulmonologist, other). The use of the Bio Scan testing is increasingly valuable due to its precision, clarity and sensitivity in evaluating metabolic syndrome and its complications such as diabetes, and cardiovascular disease and non-invasively and rapidly manage treatment follow-up.” In addition to providing accurate and important values, it provides more information beyond what is normally attained from traditional  testing methodologies.

Your patients can undergo a convenient, simple test in your office, instead of being sent to an unfamiliar setting. The data provided  will give your patient a plan of action that is easy to understand and follow. Therfore able to reach obtainable goals to increase their health status.

Greater Patient Care

No Out-of-Pocket Expense

There is no out-of-pocket expense for our service. We provide the , equipment, ongoing hardware / software maintenance and the billing expertise that allows you to provide state-of-the-art testing in your office. Your obligation is to provide the patient, exam room and diagnosis, for which you will earn a global fee.
Our Bio Scan is covered by all insurance providers including Medicare.
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