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​Wellness Analytics

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ITHRIVE Health is committed to improving participants healthy behavior and compliance, and enabling employers to track the effectiveness of their wellness program.

Many companies are providing the proper services to their employees, but are significantly missing the potential impact because of the failure to  properly use analytics to drive their wellness and benefit strategy.

ITHRIVE Health integrates with the appropriate vendors to ensure that employees receive valuable personal interventions and resources based on their specific risks, including risk specific communications, health coaching, and disease or condition management.

Most companies and consultants fail to realize the value and opportunity that the data from Health Risk Assessments and Biometric Screenings hold.

ITHRIVE Health utilizes and integrates with carrier programs, Third Party Administrators (TPA), and health management providers to share and capitalize on this data more effectively. We work with you and your data to identify trends, and provide a course of action to reduce risks and lower costs.


General Overview of Our Services

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