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Health Coaching


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Health Coaching

Guided Support


General Overview of Our Services

Health Coaching

Guided Support and Encouragement

ITHRIVE Health Coaching provides participants a support structure to set and achieve personal wellness goals with the help of certified health coaches. Our health professionals offer flexible coaching models that help participants understand the impact of lifestyle choices on their health and the benefits of change. Our coaching program utilizes biometric results to stratify participants into intensive, moderate, and self-directed programs to meet participants where they are along the health and behavior change continuum. Our coaches telephonically work one-on-one with program participants, empowering them to make long-term healthy changes by building confidence and skills they can maintain well after coaching interventions end. The results are a happier, healthier, and more productive population.

ITHRIVE Health Coaching provides continuous support through:

Ongoing follow-up calls for at-risk individuals.

Referral to disease/condition management programs.
Targeted communications based on identified risks.
1-800 and email customer support resources.
Referral to other local informational resources and health care providers.

ITHRIVE Health coaches have professional degrees and are full time employees. 

Health coaching cuts an innovative path toward improved health. This unique area of practice within the behavioral health field requires its practitioners to have unique knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal characteristics, or when looked at wholly, unique competencies.

Health Coaching Fee Schedule 

1 session $59
3 sessions $39 ea.
6 sessions $29 ea.
12 sessions $19 ea.

Each Health Coaching session is 15 minutes in length.

Personal Health Coaching

Once your payment has been processed; we

will contact you to set up your appointment.

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