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The ITHRIVE Services 



Our Solution for Physicians

Wellness Solutions

Improved Health = Improved R.O.I..

Health Coaching

Guided Support

ITHRIVE Health is commited to providing, effcient and reliable health screenings
to motivate and  educate every individual  to not only survive but THRIVE with 
the best quality  health care screenings.

ITHRIVE Health provides the most accurate and comprehensive disease- specific risk information available (current risk, modifiable risk & relative risk). This makes it possible to identify the right people for the right program at the right time.





ITHRIVE Health  improves employee communication by providing actionable knowledge and a personalized road map for initiating the process of change.

ITHRIVE Health enhances wellness initiatives by quantifying the impact of each modifiable risk factor driving future disease in a population for optimal program design. In addition, ITHRIVE adds another level to employee health management by bringing the physician back into the process.

At ITHRIVE Health we can determine how many people in a population will be diagnosed with disease within the next five years and calculates the financial impact on an organization. ITHRIVE quantifies avoidable future disease burden and costs while documenting individual and population change in disease risk for enhanced ROI analysis.



General Overview of Our Services

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