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Thank you for your interest in scheduling an appointment for the Bio Scan Stroke Screening!
We are pleased to be providing the Bio Scan Stroke Screening at your health fair on Thursday, September 24th, 2015 from 10:00am-1:00pm, located in the Westlake Chemical Annex (4923 W. Alabama, Houston, TX 77056).


ITHRIVE Health Stroke Scan

Each Screening we provide is non-invasive, comprehensive, and yet takes only minutes to perform.
The ITHRIVE Health Bio Scan provides useful insight about a person’s atherosclerotic condition, which could help clarify your risk of vascular disease, the extent of the disease, or how aggressively a physician may want to pursue  treatment. The photoelectrical plethysmography is an analysis of the waveform provided by the oximeter. The analysis provides indicators of the cardiac pump activity, hemodynamic, and small, large and peripheral artery stiffness.
The healthy cardiovascular system is capable of providing appropriate blood flow to each of the organs and tissues of the body under a wide range of conditions.
This is done by:
• Maintaining arterial blood pressure within normal limits
• Adjusting the output of the heart to the appropriate level
• Adjusting the resistance and cardiac output to blood flow in specific organs and tissues to meet special 
functional needs.



ITHRIVE Health provides the highest quality assessments driven by a powerful, patented technology. We educate individuals and population health organizations on how risk factors impact their health, with particular attention given to those risk factors that can be improved by lifestyle changes. ITHRIVE Health presents health information in a motivational manner designed to help drive behavior change, while providing intervention program insight and measurement for population health managers. Most importantly, our technology is completely evidence-based, and this means personalized  risk assessment at its best!

The ITHRIVE Health Bio Scan is a state-of-the-art risk assessment biometric screening.

Unlike conventional tools, The Bio Scan is a clinically-based solution built to address the characteristics of increasingly diverse populations. It goes beyond health scores to deliver multi-dimensional information regarding individuals' and populations' current and future health.

ITHRIVE Health delivers this information in easy-to-interpret, visually compelling reports that serve as powerful communication tools for both program managers and participants.

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